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Neck & Back Pain Relief with Osteopathy

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Regularly stooped over our desks, driving long distances, and even just trying to get a little exercise in, we’re always subject to uncomfortable positions that can have an impact on the neck and upper back. These positions that limit us from moving freely can trap a nerve in the neck or the neck muscles and become ‘hypertonic’, meaning the muscles are abnormally tight.

This pain can cause symptoms in other areas of the body and even lead to headaches, migraines or stiffness in the arms and shoulders. The goals of osteopathic management of neck and upper back pain are to improve your mobility, reduce muscle tension and pain levels, and prevent recurrence of your symptoms.

Evidence Based Approach

Our practitioners use a combination of current literature and clinical experience to achieve the best results for you


Our practitioners use a combination of current literature and clinical experience to achieve the best results for you

Tailored Treatments

Your treatment is tailored specifically to your needs and with realistic prognosis and treatment plans.

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Osteopathic Neck Pain Treatment

With such a wide range of causes and some of the most annoying symptoms, it may come as no surprise that neck pain is one of the most common problems that we treat at Still Point Osteopathy. From injury to poor posture or repetitive motions, our osteopaths can assess the underlying causes of your neck pain and recommend the appropriate treatment.

To determine the right treatment method for you, our team will have to get a full medical history and an understanding of your lifestyle choices to assist in correctly identifying any underlying causes. This is what we call a holistic approach and helps us to treat the cause as well as reduce symptoms. We find that this has been very beneficial in helping people manage their pain for more long-term relief. 

There are several ways in which we may determine whether your neck or associated areas such as the upper back, shoulders, or jaw could be causing your pain. These include a thorough case history, clinical examination, and postural assessments.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is available for patients with acute or chronic neck pain who want a hands-on approach to their treatment that aims to release any tight muscles in the neck and correct any postural deficiencies. OMT is a gentle approach to hands-on manual therapy, where a professionally trained osteopathy will apply precisely graded forces to your cervical spine and other joints to restore normal movement and reduce mechanical stress. 

woman being treated for back pain
woman being treated for pain

Upper Back Pain Treatment 

Upper back pain can often be debilitating what with the stiffness, muscle spasms, headaches, and even migraines that can stem from it. Luckily, osteopathic medicine is an alternative treatment option for those who have had ineffective results or only temporary relief from other modalities. At Still Point Osteopathy, we describe upper back pain as being commonly felt in the junctional area between our lower neck and upper back and can spread across to your shoulders on either or both sides. Pain can also be felt down either or both sides of the upper spine and down between the shoulder blades.

Upper back pain can also be felt over our shoulder blades, on either or both sides. Some of the most common causes of upper back pain are poor posture, stress and anxiety, and muscle sprains or strains. Believe it or not, our team of osteopaths use several different hands-on techniques that help to address the pain in your upper back by restoring the body’s natural structure and function. 

Depending on your circumstances, osteopathic techniques such as joint manipulation, massage, stretching, taping, dry needling, and shockwave therapy can all be used to treat your back pain relief. These treatments are often very gentle but may involve some deeper work to release tension and stress in the muscles, assisting with your back pain.

Our osteopaths take a gentle holistic approach to upper back pain, looking at any specific imbalances or dysfunction and taking into consideration the biomechanics of your shoulder, neck, lower spine, and pelvis and relieving any asymmetry and tension. This will help the upper back work under less strain and load which will make your upper back move better with less pain.

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Osteopathic treatment for neck and upper back pain is suitable for all ages and may be covered under your private health insurance policy. The individualised treatment plan provided to you by our team at Still Point Osteopathy will help reduce the symptoms of chronic neck pain by focusing on the health of your muscles, bones, and joints.

The number of consultations your osteopath requires will depend on the severity of your problem and how quickly you respond to treatment. Some patients may need just two or three treatments before their pain is relieved, while others may require more extensive therapy over a longer period of time. In the event that an X-ray or MRI is needed to diagnose your pain, your osteopath will refer you for further testing. 

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I have been seeing Phil in regards to a chronic neck pain issues as well as various other muscular issues. Whenever I see him for a treatment he takes the time to understand how I am experiencing the issue in my body and works with me to create a treatment plan. It’s a refreshing change to feel heard and seen as an individual. I have found him to be professional, kind and knowledgeable. I recommend Phil highly and continue to go there myself. I have also been to the Ashgrove clinic and recommend it as well.

Matilda Ivin-Todd

I’ve been going to Still Point Osteopathy for many years and have had amazing results. Phil is an expert in the field and knows how to treat a wide variety of conditions. I would recommend this clinic without hesitation!

Laura Jasinski

After being stagnant during my rehab for my neck and shoulder. After a few sessions and adjustments Phil got my rehab back on track. Getting me back on the field! I found Phil very knowledgeable, professional with great attention to detail!

Ahren Baxter